The Immunization Object [Old ver]

Object Definition

  "id": 67178987690,                                              // long(64)
  "administered_date": "2016-10-15T00:22:00Z",
  "administering_physician": 131074,
  "ordering_physician": 131074,
  "description": "Td(adult) unspecified formulation (Td)",        // string(255)
  "reason": "test reason",                                        // string(500)
  "vaccine": {
    "name": "Td(adult) unspecified formulation",                  // string(255)
    "cvx": 139,                                                   // integer
    "cdc_name": "Diphtheria, Tetanus",                            // string(255)
    "cdc_type": "Td"                                              // string(100)
  "qty": "0.5",                                                 // dose, decimal
  "qty_units": "ml",                                              // string(100)
  "lot_number": "12312",                                          // string(255)
  "manufacturer_name": "MANU",                                    // string(255)
  "manufacturer_code": null,                                      // string(255)
  "expiration_date": "2016-10-19",                                // date(YYYY-MM-DD)
  "vis": "Provided",                                              // string(255)
  "method": "Intramuscular (IM)",                                 // string(255)
  "site": "R Anterolateral Thigh",                                // string(255)
  "notes": "notes",                                               // string(255)
  "publicity_code": "No reminder/recall",                         // see below
  "vfc_eligibility": "Not VFC eligible",                          // see below
  "info_source": "New immunization record",                       // see below
  "allowed_sharing": true,                                                                              // shareable to immunization registry
  "patient_consent": true,                                                                              // patient consented to have their PII shared with registry
  "patient": 64058687489,
  "dose_in_series": 1,                                            // integer
  "priority_population": null,                                    // string(255), CDC priority population for COVID vaccinations
  "ndc": "80777-273-10",                                          // string(31)
  "patient_consent": true                                                                                   // patient consent to share vaccination with immunization registry
  "created_date": "2016-10-15T00:24:55Z",
  "deleted_date": null


Available values



"No reminder/recall", "Reminder/recall - any method", "Reminder/recall - no calls", "Reminder only - any method", "Reminder only - no calls", "Recall only - any method", "Recall only - no calls", "Reminder/recall - to provider", "Reminder to provider", "Only reminder to provider, no recall", "Recall to provider", "Only recall to provider, no reminder"

from CDC value set


"Not VFC eligible", "VFC eligible - Medicaid/Medicaid Managed Care", "VFC eligible - Uninsured", "VFC eligible - American Indian/Alaskan Native", "VFC eligible - Under-insured)", "Local-specific eligibility", "CA State General Fund Vaccines", "OR Special Projects", "OR Locally Owned", "HI Birthing Hospital Hepatitis B", "HI Adult Insured", "HI Adult Not Insured"

from CDC value set and state/local-specific codes


"New immunization record", "Historical information - source unspecified", "Historical information - from other provider", "Historical information - from parent's written record", "Historical information - from parent's recall", "Historical information - from other registry", "Historical information - from birth certificate", "Historical information - from school record", "Historical information - from public agency"

from CDC value set