Create Patient

Required attributes are last_name, first_name, sex, dob, primary_physician, and caregiver_practice. Before creating a chart we’ll attempt to locate a match first. We’ll use the fields last_name, first_name, dob (if given) to do so. If we find a match, we’ll return an HTTP 409 "Conflict" response, with the redirect URL of the existing patient (e.x.: /api/2.0/patients/1234) in the response body. In this case you would be expected to issue a PUT at that url to update the record.
If no match is found, we’ll create the new chart and return a 201 response with the patient json in the body, including the newly issued id field.

Note: We won’t allow the creation of a patient chart that matches first_name, last_name, sex, and dob, so it’s a good idea to search for a match on those fields before attempting to create.

Insurance Company and Plan

insurance_company and insurance_plan are read-only and should not be submitted.

If the other insurance fields e.g. carrier, phone, address, plan etc. exactly match an existing company and/or plan (See "Insurance API"), that company or plan will be linked to this patient. If there is no match found, a new company and/or plan will be created with the given attributes and linked to this patient.

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