The Thread Message Object

A Thread Message represents an actual message inside a Message Thread.

Every time a Message Thread is created, a Thread Message with the actual message is created inside of it.

Every time a reply is sent, a new Thread Message is created inside the Message Thread.

Object Definition

  	"body" : "Test",
    "id" : 140754851856478,
    "patient" : 140754851266561,
    "practice" : 140754847006724,
    "thread" : 140754851725403,
    "to_document" : {
      "chart_date" : "2021-05-06T16:22:00",
      "created_date" : "2021-05-06T16:22:00",
      "deleted_date" : None,
      "document_date" : "2021-05-06T16:22:00",
      "signed_by" : null,
      "signed_date" : null
    "sender" : 383,
    "send_date" : "2021-05-06T16:22:00"
AttributeTypeAllowed valuesDescription
bodystringThe actual message body
idintThe id of the thread message
patientintThe patient id
practiceThe practice id
threadThe message thread id
to_document.chart_dateThe creation date of the to_document's patient chart
to_document.created_dateThe creation date of the to_document
to_document.deleted_dateThe deleted date of the to_document
to_document.document_dateThe creation date of the to_document
to_document.signed_byThe id of whoever signed the to_document (if signed)
to_document.signed_dateThe date of when the to_document was signed (if signed)
senderThe id of who sent the message
send_dateThe date of when the message was sent