The Contact Object

The Contact Object represents a register from either Physician or CanonicalPhysician models.

Object Definition

	"accepting_insurance": null,
	"accepting_new_patients": null,
	"address": "70228 Carey Crest Suite 393",
	"back_office_phone": null,
	"cell_phone": null,
	"city": "North Bruceport",
	"contact_type": "physician",
	"created_date": "2022-02-09T04:00:24Z",
	"credentials": null,
	"deleted_date": null,
	"direct_address": null,
	"email": null,
	"fax": "937303",
	"first_name": "Timothy",
	"id": 140758486286338,
	"is_elation_confirmed": false,
	"is_verified": true,
	"last_name": "Bailey",
	"middle_name": "J",
	"npi": "2903602540",
	"org_name": "Willis Ltd",
	"other_specialties": [],
	"phone": "5402085714416",
	"practice": 140758482747396,
	"specialty": {
		"id": 24402919476,
		"name": "Orthopedics",
		"abbreviation": "",
		"practice_created": null,
		"category": {
			"id": 24363598117,
			"name": "Orthopedics",
			"abbreviation": null,
			"created_date": "2013-11-01T08:01:57Z"
		"created_date": null
	"state": "WY",
	"suite": "Apt. 779",
	"user": 61,
	"zip": "53095"

Fields Details

AttributeTypeAllowed ValuesDescription
idLong (64) read-onlyThis is the ID assigned to the object when it's created.
first_nameString (200)This is the contact's first name.
last_nameString (200)This is the contact's last name.
middle_nameString (200)This is the contact's middle name.
faxString(15)This is the contact's fax.
direct_addressString (500)This is the contact's general address.
specialtyintThe id of the primary medical speciality for this contact.
other_specialtiesListThis is the list of specialties after the primary speciality related to this contact.
npiStringThis is the contact's NPI.
addressString (100)This is the specific address line registered for this contact.
cityString (30)This is the city where the contact lives in.
stateString (20)The abbreviation (in lowercase) of the state name. For example, if the state is "California", the value should be "ca" or if the state is "New York", the value should be "ny", etc.This is the state where the contact belongs to.
contact_typeString (15)"physician", "medical_group"This value tells us the type that was assigned to the contact when it was created.
credentialsString (20)The credentials for the provider, e.g. Dr or DO
is_verifiedBooleantrue, falseWhether the contact has been verified to be a available for search within the application. Will always be true for any contact created by a practice.
is_elation_confirmedBooleantrue, falseWhether the contact has been verified by someone on the elation team to be available for search within the application. Will always be false for any contact created within a practice.
phoneString (25)This is the phone registered to the contact.
cell_phoneString (25)This is the mobile phone registered to the contact.
accepting_insuranceBooleantrue, falseWhether the contact indicates they accept insurance.
accepting_new_patientsBooleantrue, falseWhether the contact indicates they are accepting new patients.
created_dateDatetimeWhen the contact was created in Elation.
deleted_dateDatetimeWhen the contact was deleted in Elation.
emailStringThe email of the contact
practiceintThe practice which created this contact.
suiteString (20)The suite number for the contact.
zipString (10)The zipcode for the contact.
userintThe user id of the contact