Patient Provider Team Object

The Patient Provider Team object represents a collection of providers (in the form of Patient Provider Team Members) that assist in the care of a patient.

    "patient_provider_team_id": 48726220362,                        // long(64)
    "patient_id": 237422977,                                        // long(64)
    "team_members": [                                               // list of Patient Provider Team Members, no maximum length
            "patient_provider_team_id": 58726220062,                // long(64)
            "patient_provider_team_member_id": 140758911484332,     // long(64)
            "patient_id": 887422977,                                // long(64)
            "physician_id": 483083,                                 // long(64)
            "group": "main",                                        // string
            "rank": 1,                                              // int
            "treatment_reason": "pcp at sacred heart",              // string
            "earliest_activity": "2022-05-26T14:59:44",             // datetime(iso8601)
            "latest_activity": "2022-05-26T14:59:44",               // datetime(iso8601)
            "activity_summary_last_refreshed": null                 // datetime (iso8601)
patient_idlongThe id of the Patient object that this team is associated with.
team_memberslist(PatientProviderTeamMembers)The list of providers that are providing care to the above patient.
team_members.physician_idlongThe Physician that this team member represents.
team_members.groupstrCan either be main or other. By default members are placed in the main group. Only members in the main group will be displayed on the Patient chart in the web application.
team_members.rankintUsed for displaying a sorted patient provider team in the patient chart. Rank is sequential and begins at 1.
earliest_activitydatetimeDisplays the earliest known interaction between the team member and the patient.
latest_activitydatetimeDisplays the latest known interaction between the team member and the patient.
activity_summary_last_refresheddatetimeThe last known time when this team member's activity was synced.