The Print Header Object

  'id': 140755885883720,
  'created_date': '2021-11-24T06:31:41Z',
  'deleted_date': None,
  'name': 'Header test101',
  'content_type': '0',
  'header': 'This is a simple test1.',
  'header_image': None,
  'image_placement': '2',
  'practice': 140755880968196
AttributeTypeAllowed ValuesDescription
idintThe id of the print header.
created_datedatetimeThe timestamp when the print header was created.
deleted_datedatetimeThe timestamp when the print header was deleted.
namestringThe name of the print header displayed in the app.
content_typeint{0, 1}
The type of print header; whether its pure text or is an image
headerstringThe text header. Will be null if not a text print header.
header_imagebase64 encoded fileThe header image. Will be null if not an image header.
image_placementint{0, 1, 2, 3}
3=Fit to Width
Specifies where the image header is placed.
practiceintThe practice that owns this print header.