With Elation API 2.0, you can create applications that interact with key components of the Elation platform. We have a few design goals in mind:

Comprehensive Read Access to the patient chart

An Elation patient chart is comprised of the patient's clinical profile and documents. You will have read access to a patient's demographics, problem list, allergies, histories, vitals, immunizations, appointments, visits, bills, medications, and reports.

Selective Write Access with coded patient chart data

You can add coded data to enrich the patient chart. For example, you can create new patient charts, and create CVX-coded immunizations. You can also create LOINC-coded lab results, SOAP visit notes, and NDC-coded medication in the patient chart.

PMS-integration ready

Our Scheduling and Billing API enable seamless integration with 3rd-party PMS systems. You can easily build single-directional synchronization for appointment and billing data using Webhooks.

CCDA-based data exchange

You can export a patient chart in the CCDA format.

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