The Lab Order Content Object

A lab order content represents the contents of a lab order report.

  // See Lab Order Object Definition
  "content": {
    "id": 140754512117861,
    "stat_method": "",
    "patient_instructions": "",
    "test_center_notes": "",
    "fasting_method": "fasting_random",
    "standing_order_frequency": "",
    "standing_order_end_date": null,
    "collection_datetime": null,
    "icd10_codes": [],
    "tests": [
        "id": 140748306251838,
        "name": "TSH",
        "code": null,
        "procedure_class": null,
        "practice_created": null,
        "lab_vendor": null,
        "compendium": null,
        "cpts": [],
        "synonyms": [],
        "questions": [],
        "created_date": "2020-01-27T16:17:43Z",
        "deleted_date": null
AttributeTypeAllowed ValuesDescription
stat_methodenum'wet_reading_phone', 'wet_reading_fax', 'stat_phone',
'stat_fax', 'stat_phone_fax'
patient_instructionsstringNotes for patient.
test_center_notesstringNotes for Lab.
Instructions for patient and lab on how long they should fast before specimen collection.
standing_order_frequencystring(50)Number of times order should be performed on a standing basis.
standing_order_end_datedateDate at which standing order should be canceled.
collection_datetimedatetimeIf lab specimen collection is done onsite, this is the time at which the collection was taken.
icd10_codesList of ICD10 codesICD10 diagnosis codes provided along with the order.
testsList of Lab Order TestsThe list of tests that should be performed by the lab.

Must all be either from the same compendium or no compendium.
tests.idintegerThe id of the Lab Order Test.
tests.namestring(255)The name of the Lab Order Test.
tests.codestring(50)Any code associated with the test, usually provided by the lab vendor's compendium.
tests.procedure_classstring(50)Code provided by specific compendiums that indicate the "class" of test, e.g. histology vs cytology.

Some lab vendors require that tests with specific procedure classes need to ordered separately.
tests.practice_createdintegerThe id of the practice that created the test if practice created.
tests.lab_vendorintegerThe id of the lab vendor who provides the lab order test.
tests.compendiumintegerThe id of the compendium provided the lab vendor that provides the lab order test.

All tests in the same order MUST share the same compendium.
tests.cptsList[integer]A list of CPT codes associated with the lab order test.
tests.synonymsList[string]A list of synonyms that are useful when searching for a specific test.
tests.questionsList[AOEQuestion]A list of Ask on Entry (AOE) Questions that need to be answered by the orderer when creating the order.
tests.created_datedatetimeTime at which Elation created this Lab Order Test.
tests.deleted_datedatetimeTime at which this Lab Order Test was deleted.

Can happen when a lab order compendium update deprecates a test.