The Subscription object

If you want bidirectional integrations, vendors must subscribe to a resource to receive immediate updates on the resource. Current supported resources are appointments, bills, immunizations, insurance companies, insurance plans, patients, physicians, lab orders, reports, and vitals.

When a resource is saved/deleted/signed off, an HTTP/POST request is sent to your target URL.

The target URL should accept a JSON string in the POST body of the request.

The subscription object looks like the following:

  "id": 123,
  "resource": "patients",    // The resource for this object.  valid values are "appointments", "bills", "immunizations", "insurance_companies", "insurance_plans", "lab_orders", "patients", "physicians", "reports", "vitals"
  "target": "",  // Target URL where we would send the POST request on new events
  "created_date": "2017-01-01T01:05:00Z",
  "deleted_date": null,
    "signing_pub_key": "abcQINrsOkKXRwNrZ5zemkHqcM5gwmnwRZOKO8YXV7Q="