API Overview

Elation API 2.0 is comprised of a number of resources (e.g. REST endpoints). To simplify understanding, we group the resources in the following the top-level API categories:

This API is comprised of resources that represent the patient's demographics (e.g. name, dob, address, insurances, etc.), clinical profile (e.g. problem list, allergies, histories, etc.)

This API is comprised of resources that represent the patient's set of clinical documents (e.g. visits, visit notes, non-visit notes, medication). All documents are signable and we maintain a few important timestamp for each document (e.g. creation date, signed date, document date, chart date). Once signed off, these documents cannot be updated.

The Appointment resource represents the full schedule for every physician and staff in a practice. With the scheduling API, you can fully manage a practice's schedule with an external application. The appointment resource supports all CRUD operations.

The bill resource represents an itemized superbill used by physicians for reflecting rendered services. You can use this API to integrate with 3rd-party PMS billing vendor for claim submission and processing.

The practice and physician resources represent members of a practice. At the moment, this is a read-only API that does not support membership management (e.g. adding new physicians to practice, disabling staff who just left, etc.)

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