The Immunization Object

Object Definition

    "id": 140758867247274,
    "administered_date": "2021-09-22T17:01:00Z",
    "administering_physician": 720898,
    "ordering_physician": 720898,
    "description": "Comvax Intramuscular Suspension 7.5-5 MCG/0.5ML (Hib-HepB)",
    "reason": "",
    "vaccine": {
        "name": "Hib-Hep B",
        "cvx": 51,
        "cdc_name": "Haemophilus influenzae type b",
        "cdc_type": "Hib-HepB"
    "qty": null,
    "qty_units": "ml",
    "lot_number": "",
    "manufacturer_name": "",
    "manufacturer_code": null,
    "expiration_date": null,
    "vis": "",
    "method": "Intramuscular",
    "site": "R Deltoid (RD)",
    "notes": "",
    "publicity_code": "",
    "vfc_eligibility": "",
    "funding_source": null,
    "info_source": "",
    "allowed_sharing": null,
    "practice": 140758835265540,
    "patient": 140758844637185,
    "created_date": "2022-06-29T09:59:28Z",
    "deleted_date": null,
    "dose_in_series": null,
    "priority_population": null,
    "ndc": null,
    "patient_consent": null
FieldAvailable valuesNotes
publicity_code"No reminder/recall", "Reminder/recall - any method", "Reminder/recall - no calls", "Reminder only - any method", "Reminder only - no calls", "Recall only - any method", "Recall only - no calls", "Reminder/recall - to provider", "Reminder to provider", "Only reminder to provider, no recall", "Recall to provider", "Only recall to provider, no reminder"from CDC value set
vfc_eligibility"Not VFC eligible", "VFC eligible - Medicaid/Medicaid Managed Care", "VFC eligible - Uninsured", "VFC eligible - American Indian/Alaskan Native", "VFC eligible - Under-insured)", "Local-specific eligibility", "CA State General Fund Vaccines", "OR Special Projects", "OR Locally Owned", "HI Birthing Hospital Hepatitis B", "HI Adult Insured", "HI Adult Not Insured"from CDC value set and state/local-specific codes
info_source"New immunization record", "Historical information - source unspecified", "Historical information - from other provider", "Historical information - from parent's written record", "Historical information - from parent's recall", "Historical information - from other registry", "Historical information - from birth certificate", "Historical information - from school record", "Historical information - from public agency"from CDC value set