The Lab Order Object

A lab order represents an order for a patient to perform some lab tests for a vendor.

  "answers": [],
  "bill_type": null,
  "ccs": [],
  "chart_date": "2021-03-25T04:33:40Z",
  "confidential": false,
  "content": {
    // See Lab Order Content Object Definition
  "created_date": "2021-03-25T04:33:40Z",
  "document_date": "2021-03-25T04:33:40Z",
  "facility": null,
  "follow_up_method": "",
  "id": 140754512183329,
  "ordering_physician": 140754510217218,
  "patient": 140754511659009,
  "practice": 140754506678276,
  "requisition": 140754512183329,
  "resolution": {
    "id": 140754511659009,
    "document": 140754512183329,
    "resolving_document": 140754512183329,
    "state": "outstanding",
    "note": null,
    "created_date": "2021-03-25T04:33:40Z",
    "deleted_date": null
  "signed_by": 140754510217218,
  "signed_date": "2021-03-25T04:33:40Z",
  "site": null,
  "special_insurance": null,
  "submissions": [],
  "specimens": [],
  "tags": [],
  "test_date": null,
  "vendor": 67191701750,
  "printable_view": ""
AttributeTypeAllowed ValuesDescription
answersList of AnswersList of the answers provided for the Ask on Entry (AOE) questions if required by any lab order tests.
answers.testintegerThe id of the test for which this answer pertains.
answers.questionintegerThe id of the AOE question for which this answer pertains.
answers.valuestringThe value entered by freetext or chosen by the ordering physician.
answers.created_datedatetimeWhen the answer was created.
answers.deleted_datedatetimeWhen the answer was deleted
'workerscomp', 'specialbilling'
Who is financially responsible for the order.
ccsList[integer]List of physician ids who should be cc'd on any reports.
chart_datedatetimeDate at which this order was first seen in the patient's chart.
confidentialbooleantrue, falseWhether the provider has marked the order as confidential. Should not be shared with a patient.
contentobjectSee Lab Order Content Object DefinitionRepresents the content of the lab order report.
created_datedatetimeTime at which elation created this order.

Can be different from chart_date when the order was imported into a chart from a different source and document_date when documenting an order that happened at some other time.
document_datedatetimeTime at which this order was created in whichever system created it. Could be historical or same as the create_date.
facilityFacility IdentifierAn identifier that represents the facility placing the order.

Usually assigned by the lab vendor.
follow_up_methodstringFreetext field communicating how the patient should receive their results.
idintegerThe id of the lab order in Elation's systems.

Will be unique.
ordering_physicianintegerThe id of the physician who created the order.
patientintegerThe id of the patient.
practiceintegerThe id of the practice.
requisitionintegerThe requistion id of the order.

Can be different from the order id if and when the order was created outside of elation.
resolution.idintegerInternal id to represent the resolution state.
resolution.documentintegerWill be the same as the id of the lab order.
resolution.resolving_documentintegerIf the order is fulfilled will indicate the document referenced.

For lab orders will usually be a report.
The resolution state of the order.
resolution.notestringAny note that was added to represent why an order was cancelled.
resolution.created_datedatetimeThe datetime when this resolution state was created.
resolution.deleted_datedatetimeThe datetime when this resolution was deleted. Should never be null because we're providing the most updated resolution.
signed_byintegerThe id of the physician who signed off on the order
signed_datedatetimeThe time when the order was signed.
siteThe location where the patient will have the lab performed.

Sites are specific to their lab vendor.
site.namestring(200)The name of the site.
site.addressstring(200)The streetname of the site.
special_insuranceUsed primarily to support specific electronic lab order integrations.
submissionsList of Lab Order SubmissionRecord of the attempts to submit
submissions.statestring(20)The state of the electronic order submission.
submissions.time_submitteddatetimeThe time the electronic order was submitted to the lab vendor.
submissions.time_acknowledgeddatetimeThe time at which a user acknowledged any error shown to them about the electronic submission.
submissions.state_metadatastring(1500)Useful error information collected as part of the submission.

Including ERRORs or ACKs.
specimensList of Lab Order SpecimensRecord of any specimens collected when creating the order.
specimens.testintegerThe lab order test for which the specimen as collected.
specimens.body_siteInformation about the body site where the specimen was collected.
specimens.body_site.codestring(16)The HL7 code representing the body site from which a specimen was collected
specimens.body_site.textstring(64)A textual description of the body site from which the specimen was collected.
specimens.body_site.deleted_datedatetimeRepresents if the body site was removed from the specimen.
specimens.descriptionstring(40)A freetext description of the specimen.
specimens.container_idintegerAn identifier representing the container used to store the specimen.
specimens.modifiersList[BodySiteModifer]Coded Modifiers indicating more information about the body site from which the specimen was collected.
specimens.modifiers.modifier.codestring(3)The HL7 code representing the modifier on the body site from which a specimen was collected
specimens.modifiers.modifier.textstring(64)A textual description of the modifier of the body site from which the specimen was collected.
specimens.modifiers.sequenceintegerThe cardinal position in which the modifiers should be listed.
tagsList of Coded Document TagsAny tags associated with the lab order.
test_datedatenullableThe date on which the tests should be performed, or were performed.

Can be different than document_date, create_date