The Problem Object

The Problem Object represents a diagnosis in a patient's problem list. Each problem can be potentially coded with ICD9, ICD10, SNOMED, and IMO. resolved_date is set if status is "Resolved"

Object Definition

  "id": 65097170987,                          // long(64)
  "description": "Turban tumor",              // string(200)
  "status": "Active",                         // ["Active", "Controlled", "Resolved"]
  "synopsis": "synopsis",                     // string(500)
  "start_date": "2016-10-12",                 // date(YYYY-MM-DD)
  "resolved_date": null,                      // date(YYYY-MM-DD)
  "dx": [
      "icd9": [
      "icd10": [
      "snomed": "418715001"
      "icd9": [
      "icd10": [
      "snomed": "251007003"
  "patient": 64901939201,
  "created_date": "2016-10-13T23:45:35Z",
  "deleted_date": null
AttributeTypeAllowed ValuesDescription
idintThe id of the problem
descriptionstringThe description of the problem
statusstringThe status of the problem
synopsisstringThe synopsis of the problem
start_datedatetimeThe date the problem started
resolved_datedatetimeThe date the problem was resolved
dxobjectThe diagnosis(es) for imo codes
dx.icd9string listThe icd9 codes of the diagnosis
dx.icd10string listThe icd10 codes of the diagnosis
dx.snomedstringThe snomed code of the diagnosis
patientintThe id of the patient
created_datedatetimeThe date the problem was created
deleted_datedatetimeThe date the problem was deleted