The Drug Intolerance Object

Object Definition

  "created_date": "2021-09-27T23:09:01Z",
 	"deleted_date": null,
 	"id": 140756523679786,
 	"name": "tylenol",
 	"patient": 140756523220993,
 	"reaction": "Hives",
 	"severity": "",
 	"start_date": "2016-06-24",
 	"status": 1
AttributeTypeAllowed ValuesDescription
idintThe Drug Intolerance's internal id
namestringThe Drug Intolerance's name; e.g. what drug the patient cannot tolerate
severitystringThe severity of the patient's reaction
reactionstringThe type of reaction the patient experiences when taking the drug
patientintThe id of the patient
start_datedateThe date of onset for the drug intolerance
statusbooleanWhether the drug intolerance is active or not
created_datedatetimeWhen the record was created in Elation's systems
deleted_datedatetimeWhen the record was recorded deleted in Elation's systems