The History Object

Object Definition

  "id": 64073957420,                       // long(64)
  "type": "Diet",                          // See Below
  "rank": 1															   // Integer(5)
  "text": "Yogurt daily",                  // string(500)
  "patient": 64072843265,
  "created_date": "2016-10-13T15:00:38Z",  // read-only
  "deleted_date": null                     // read-only
AttributeTypeAllowed ValuesDescription
idintThe id of the history
typestring"Past", "Family", "Social", "Habits", "Diet", "Exercise", "Immunization", "Legal", "Consultation", "Health Maintenance", "Past Surgical", "Cognitive Status", "Functional Status"The type of the history
rankintThe rank (or sequence) of the history
textstringThe value (or text) of the history
patientintThe id of the patient
created_datedatetimeThe date the history was created
deleted_datedatetimeThe date the history was deleted