The Appointment Object

Object Definition

  "id": 67176890458,                                     // long(64) read-only 
  "scheduled_date": "2016-10-13T11:15:00Z",              // datetime(iso8601)
  "duration": 15,                                        // integer  (in minutes)
  "time_slot_type": "appointment",
  "time_slot_status": null,
  "reason": "Follow-Up",                                 // string(50), not nullable
  "description": "follow up to procedure",                       // string(500)
  "status": {                                            // optional in "Create"
    "status": "Confirmed",                               // required in "Update"
    "room": "Room 102",
    "status_date": "2016-10-13T01:02:37"                 // read-only
  "service_location": {
    "id": 13631735,                                      
    "name": "Elation North",
    "place_of_service": "Office",  
    "address_line1": "1234 First Practice Way",
    "address_line2": "",
    "city": "San Francisco",
    "state": "CA",
    "zip": "94114",
    "phone": "555-555-5555",
  "telehealth_details": "video platform",                // string
  "patient": 64058687489,                                // long(64)
  "physician": 131074,                                   // long(64)
  "practice": 65540,                                     // long(64)
  "recurring_event_schedule": null,
  "billing_details": {                                                                  // billing information for appointments must be enabled for practice
    "billing_notes": "",                                // string(500)
    "referring_provider": "",                           // string(100)
    "referring_provider_state": ""                      // string(2)
  "payment": {
    "amount": "20.00",
    "when_collected": "2020-01-27T16:17:43Z",
    "bill": null,
    "appointment": 67176890458,
    "create_date": "2020-01-27T16:17:43Z",
    "delete_date": null
  "metadata": null,
  "created_date": "2016-10-13T00:47:01Z",                // datetime(iso8601)   read-only
  "last_modified_date": "2016-10-13T00:59:16Z",          // datetime(iso8601)   read-only
  "deleted_date": null                                   // datetime(iso8601)   read-only


Allowed Valus


"Scheduled", "Confirmed", "Checked Out", "Cancelled", "With Doctor", "In Room", "Checked In", "In Room - Vitals Taken", "Not Seen", "Billed"

the value must be one of available rooms


5-min increment and must be between 1 to 1440

The "reason" field should not be free-text. The values are mapped to "appointment types" in the EMR.

Reasons that aren't already represented by a structured Appointment Type in Elation will cause one to be created for the practice automatically when we receive them.