The Allergy Object

Object Definition

  "id": 64296189993,                           
  "status": "Active",                          
  "start_date": "1980-01-01",                  
  "reaction": "nausea and vomitting",          
  "name": "Erythromycin",
  "severity": '',
  "medispanid": null, 
  "medispandnid": null,
  "patient": 64072843265,
  "created_date": "2016-05-02T13:29:28Z",
  "deleted_date": null
AttributeTypeAllowed ValuesDescription
idintThe id of the allergy
The status of the allergy
start_datedatetimeThe date the allergy started
reactionstringThe reaction to the drug
namestringThe allergy drug's name
severitystringThe allergy's severity
medispanidstringThe Medi-Span generic product code identifier
medispandnidstringThe Medi-Span generic product code identifier
patientintThe id of the patient
created_datedatetimeThe date the allergy was created
deleted_datedatetimeThe date the allergy was deleted