The Message Thread Object

Message Thread is the heart of all messaging-related events inside Elation.

Every time a new message is sent in a chart, a Message Thread is created with its respective Thread Members (the sender and receiver(s) and Thread Messages (beginning with the initial message itself).

Every time a reply is sent, a new Thread Message is created inside the Message Thread, and its new receivers (if any) are added as Thread Members as well.

Object Definition

    "created_date": "2021-05-05T22:02:10Z",
    "deleted_date" : null,
    "document_date" : "2021-05-05T22:02:09Z",
    "chart_date" : "2021-05-05T22:02:09Z",
    "patient" : 140754786975745,
    "practice" : 140754817318916,
    "is_urgent" : false,
    "id" : 140754787631195,
    "members" : [
    "messages": [
AttributeTypeAllowed valuesDescription
created_datedatetimeWhen the message thread was created
deleted_datedatetimeWhen the message thread was deleted
document_datedatetimeWhen the message thread's document was created
chart_datedatetimeWhen the message thread's patient chart was created
patientintThe patient id
practiceintThe practice id
is_urgentboolIs the message thread urgent?
idintThe message thread id
memberslist[int]The ids of the thread members
messageslist[int]The ids of the thread messages