The implantable device object

The Implantable Device object represents a type of a manufactured item that is used in the provision of healthcare without being substantially changed through that activity. The device may be a medical or non-medical device.

Object Definition

    "id": 140760042701221,
     "udi": "(01)10884521062856(11)141231(17)150707(10)A213B1(21)1234",
     "location": "Left ear",
     "implant_date": "2023-03-15",
     "status": "Active",
     "reason_for_inactive": "",
     "device_id": "10884521062856",
     "lot_batch_id": "A213B1",
     "serial_number": "1234",
     "expiration_date": "2015-07-07",
     "manufacture_date": "2014-12-31",
     "human_tissue_device": false,
     "human_tissue_code": "",
     "device_description": "Polyester suture, non-bioabsorbable, multifilament",
     "brand_name": "Ti-Cron",
     "version_model": "88863380-82",
     "company_name": "Covidien LP",
     "mri_safety": "Labeling does not contain MRI Safety Information",
     "contains_rubber_latex": false,
     "procedure_cpt": "",
     "patient_id": 140744516042753}
AttributeTypeAllowed ValuesDescription
idintImplantable device
udistrUnique Device Identifier (UDI)
locationstrDescription of implant location
implant_datedatetimeDate of implant
statusstr"Active", "Inactive"Implant status
reason_for_inactivestrDescription of why the device was inactivated
device_idstrDevice ID
lot_batch_idstrBatch ID
serial_numberstrDevice serial number
expiration_datedatetimeExpiration of the implanted device
manufacture_datedatetimeManufacture date of the device
human_tissue_devicebooleanIndicated whether device is a human tissue device
human_tissue_codestrHuman tissue code
device_descriptionstrDevice description
brand_namestrDevice brand name
version_modelstrDevice version model
company_namestrDevice manufacturer company name
mri_safetystrMRI safety description
contains_rubber_latexbooleanIndicates whether device contains rubber latex
procedure_cptstrProcedure CPT for implant
patient_idintID for the associated patient